Hiking - There are a lot of places fairly close by to go hiking. Here is a PDF map of some walking trails. 

Beaches - The beach is all around us. Here is a guide to some local public beaches.

Dig Clams or Gather Oysters - Check HERE for seasons and regulations.

LaConner - just a half mile away is historic LaConner. You will find shops, restuarants, and museums. 

Farm Stands - Flowers, fruit, seafood, vegetables, and lots of other things are available almost all year round at many farm stands located all over the delta.

Gambling - The Swinomish (our favorite), Angel of the Winds, Tulalip, and Sammish Casinos are all very close by.  Who knows - you might get lucky!

Live Music - LaConner, Edison, Conway, and local Casinos all feature live music on Friday and Saturday and many other nights of the week. 

Fly Kites - The winds pick up most afternoon and there is a lot of open spaces to fly a kite.

Visit a Dairy Farm - Right across the street is a modern, state of the art organic dairy where the owner would be delighted to show you around. We just need to let him know your stopping by.

Shopping - There are Outlet stores to the north and south of us.  Here is a DIRECTORY.  LaConner also has many interesting boutique shops.

Rainy Days - we have a toy box full of games, a library, tons of DVDs, CD's, LPS, Musical Instruments. Even if the weather outside is aweful you can enjoy games in the parlor or music beside the woodstove. 

Relax - The valley view patio, the outdoor Fire Pit, the balcony, the library, the hammock. We are all about relaxation here at The Armstrong house and no one will scold you for being lazy and sleeping in and then taking an afternoon nap in the hammock.

Bike Riding - Lots of places to explore via bicycle.

Hot Tub - Do we need to say more.  No, but we will.  BIG round cedar tub from Snorkle, not wood fire heated (we tried, not legal here).  

Picnic - Seems eating outdoors is always more fun. We have lots of outdoor eating areas. Picnic blankets available.

Bird Watching - Snow Geese, Trumpeter Swans, Hawks, Eagles, Song birds. This is the nesting ground for Snow Geese and Trumpeter Swans in the winter months. There have been thousands of birds right outside our doors.  Tis a sight to see when they all take off at once! 

We are in the process of adding to this list.  Know of something fun to do?  Let us know - and we will add it.