12757 Chilberg Road, Mt. Vernon, WA  98273  

NOTE:  If your "navigator" sends you through the town of La Conner and you go over the RainBow Bridge - and end up west of La Conner then you are lost.  Change navigation programs!  This has happened to a number of persons, as recently as last month.  There is a Chilberg road on the "other side" as well.  Please note we are EAST of La Conner (not west) and our official address is in Mt. Vernon.

Directions from the South * Seattle:

  • Head North  (approximately 56 miles) on I-5.
  • Take Exit #221, Conway / Lake McMurray.  Turn left and head west over the freeway.  The state traffic engineers are in the process of putting in a big traffic circle - which will vear you towards the right.   Spin out of it and head towards LaConner (second arm of it - not sure what the correct term is for a traffic circle!  Didn't have them here when I took driver's ed.)  You will be on Fir Island Road - Yes, you are on an island at this point.
  • Keep heading west.  The road takes a few northbound turns - you will pass Snow Goose Produce - a great stop for local produce and products - the large line you might see would be for their fresh baked waffle cones and the best ice cream around - worth a stop for sure.     Just past the Snow Goose, the road will vear left and become Best Road.  You will go over a bridge (Skagit River - no longer on the island) and up a hill.  The Rexville Grocery Store will be on your right.
  • As you go uphill from Rexville, you can either go straight on Best Road  - OR turn LEFT at Dodge Valley Road.
  • If you have turned left at Dodge Valley Road - then just continue on it until you come to the end.  We are at the end of the road - across Chilburg Road.   It is a very beautiful and picturesque drive.
  • If you do not turn, continue on Best road, over the hill.  When you drop back down into the valley, there will be an intersection with a small sign indicating that LaConner is to your left.  Turn left - Chilburg Road.  The road will make a sharp left turn, then a sharp right turn - you will be in fields at this point.  The Armstrong House will be on your right, directly across from the Dairy Farm (large pinkish Victorian house). 

Directions from the North * Bellingham:

  • Head South on I-5.  Take exit #230, Westbound on Highway 20 towards Anacortes.  This is a major divided highway with stop lights.  You will be exiting it via a left turn.
  • Either turn left on Best Road and continue South until you reach the intersection mentioned above OR Turn left at LaConner-Whitney Road (the next oppurtunity to turn left).  If you drive past the Swinomish Casino (on your right) as you go over a large bridge - you have gone too far! - Take the next right and go to the Casino...
  • If you have taken Best road, you will go through a traffic circle at McLean Road.  Christensen's Nursury will be on your right.  Well worth a visit if you love plants.  A short ways past will be the yellow caution light mentioned above.  Turn right to head to LaConner.
  • If you take a left at LaConner-Whitney Road, just stay headed southbound until you reach the end of the road where you will encounter (yet another!) traffic circle.  The town of LaConner will be on your right, you will want to continue around the circle and exit it eastbound.  

  • The Armstrong House will be on your left, about 3/4 of a mile down the road.  (Just past where the speed goes up to 50mph).   Dodge Valley Road will be on your right.

Directions from Mt. Vernon:  

If you live in Mt. Vernon - and don't know where LaConner is - and were we are, you need to get out more and explore your neighborhood !!!